Introducing Cod Cakes by Handy, Fish Cakes Never Tasted Better!

Cod Cakes by Handy

Handy International introduces two new handcrafted fish cakes to their Gastropub Collection of Social Seafood: Mediterranean Cod Cakes and New England Inspired Cod Cakes. Both are loaded with large, flakey pieces of Pacific cod, tons of flavor, and fantastic value. Fish cakes never tasted better!

Handy’s Mediterranean Cod Cakes offer all the exciting flavor associated with the wonderful recipes from the areas of the Mediterranean Sea. The cakes start with a sauté of fresh onions, garlic, and red chili flakes in olive oil, then hand-flaked cod meat, spinach, and feta are added to create a scrumptious cake. “I wanted chefs to have a product that tastes delicious on its own or can be easily incorporated into their own recipes,” said Handy’s Executive Chef Nikki. “My favorite way to serve these cakes is with a Greek salad or as pita sliders with Tzatziki sauce!”

Handy’s New England Inspired Cod Cakes originate from the classic New England baked cod fillet. Large, flakey pieces of cod combined with a hint of lemon, garlic, and tangy Dijon mustard encrusted in Panko bread crumbs create this delicious twist on a classic.

“We offer our cod cakes in two portion sizes: 2 oz. and 3 oz. Through market research, our 2 oz. portion falls in line with the hot, new trend of sharable, small plates and adds versatility to the product. Our 3 oz. portion follows with traditional entrée serving sizes,” said Randy Spencer, Handy’s Vice President of Foodservice. Each cod cake recipe is quick and easy to prepare and can be baked or pan-fried.

Cod Cakes offer wonderful comfort food with great value and are perfect on restaurant menus as well as serving at home. With the many flavor possibilities, expect more varieties to be offered soon, including the next-to-launch: Fiesta Chipotle. It’s Handy. Eat happy!