Innovation #2: Handy Seafood Power Foods Complete Balanced Nutrition

Handy power Foods

Handy Seafood, the oldest seafood processing company in the United States, is the first to reach 125-years old. Handy is celebrating this milestone achievement by highlighting innovative products introduced through the years. Handy’s February innovation focuses on the development of their healthier, better-for-you product line.

It all started one day when a savvy customer challenged Tom Quinn, Handy’s Vice President – Retail Channel. Handy’s ancient grain/garden vegetable product is on trend. It’s great but the buyer needs something new and even healthier for all customers – complete balanced nutrition in one 3 oz. serving. Additionally, it must taste great and easy to prepare.

Tom relayed his customer’s suggestion and challenged Handy’s culinary team. My customer wants an exceptional product with 3% fat, 3% carbs, 110 calories, no processed ingredients or sugars, 10-12 grams of protein, and a delicious balance of seafood and garden vegetables. 

The team accepted the challenge and went to work. High protein seafoods were no problem. After 125 years in the seafood industry Handy knew where to locate the freshest tasting sustainable shrimp and salmon. Selecting the best blend of garden vegetables to compliment seafood took time. Developing an edamame puree to replace mayonnaise was another complication. As the combinations were tested some were bitter, others were not tasty enough, and some did not meet the nutritional criteria.

Perfecting the amazing taste was the final challenge as Quinn prepared for his customer visit. He tasted samples and exclaimed “I recognize both tastes -- clean seafood and fresh garden vegetables. Both work together for a fabulous taste”!

Quinn was further impressed with the multiple uses -- egg scramble ingredient for breakfast, minis for luncheon salads, after school snacks, party snacks, and dinner entrees. “Always fun to over-deliver,” said Quinn.

Handy achieved the customers challenge for a new healthier completely balanced nutritional food. “WOW, what an amazing taste. There’s nothing like this on the market. It’s a product for all my consumers,” said the customer.

Handy named the innovated product “Handy Power Foods. Complete Balanced Nutrition.” And launched the innovative product on February 8, 2018.

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Handy Seafood is a family-owned company with 125 years of quality seafood processing. Products include soft shell crabs, crab meat, crab cakes, seafood specialty items, oysters and artisanal fish.