Handy’s Fresh Soft Shell Crab Season Has Arrived

Enjoy the “Best Taste from the Sea" with Handy’s Fresh Soft Shell Crabs

Forget the traditional first full moon in May. Due to this year’s mild winter, soft shell crab season in Crisfield, MD has arrived early and the Handy plant is ready for a bountiful harvest. Handy Seafood, an innovative leader in the crab industry, has been processing the “Best Taste from the Sea” for over 120 years.

Soft Shell Crabs are an integral part of Crisfield, Maryland’s rich seafood culture and Handy is proud to be a part of that history. Handy’s plant has been based in Crisfield since 1903, even though the company started in 1894, the quality seafood standard has never wavered. This in part is due to the families that consistently work in production of the soft shell crab season. “We are proud to have traditions that span generations of watermen and families in our plant. Parents pass on their knowledge to children and in some cases to grandchildren, enabling Handy to continue with teams that are passionate about seafood and how to properly handle it,” said Terry Conway, CEO of Handy Seafood Inc.

For those that wish to enjoy soft shell crabs all year. Not to worry, Handy also offers domestic soft shell crabs that are hard frozen and available online year-round. Every size from mediums (perfect for sliders) to whales (excellent for entrées) are available on Handy’s online store www.handyseafoodstore.com. Each crab is cleaned and ready to cook. So get ready to enjoy the “Best Taste from the Sea”! ###

Handy Seafood is a family-owned company with over 100 years of quality seafood processing. Products include soft shell crabs, crab meat, crab cakes, crab specialty items, oysters and artisanal fish. www.handyknowscrab.com ###