Handy Seafood Announces Soft Crab Season Has Arrived

Terry Tina


Terry Conway, Executive Chairman at Handy Seafood and Tina Somers, 3rd generation watermen pictured with live soft crabs ready for shipment

Handy Seafood Incorporated, the oldest seafood processor in America, announces the arrival of fresh soft crab season.  Handy is the largest soft crab processor and has been processing soft shell crabs for over 100 years.

Soft shell crabs are a true culinary adventure. Soft crabs are simply blue crabs that have recently molted - shedding their hard shells. Because the shell is soft, the crab is cooked and eaten whole. If you like crabmeat out of a container, soft crabs are full of that same crabmeat.

While the season lasts, soft-shell devotees will devour as many crabs as possible, ramen-flavored soft crab sandwich, IPA beer battered soft crab, or a Bloody Mary topped with a deep-fried soft crab.

“The crabs are plentiful at this time and buyers are urged to place their orders now,” stated Chris Owens, Domestic Seafood Sales at Handy Seafood. Handy’s domestic soft crabs are available fresh live, chilled-dressed, frozen and breaded and sold to restaurants, grocery stores, and seafood markets. For those that cannot enjoy soft crabs locally, Handy crabs are available for purchase online at www.handyseafoodstore.com.