Handy Seafood Announces the coming of Soft Shell Crab Season

soft shell crabs

Spring approaches and with it comes those much-anticipated fresh soft shell crabs.


Spring brings many wonderful treats and one of the most special is the arrival of the domestic fresh soft shell crab season. As the water warms, watermen will be watching for crab molting signs and will soon be harvesting thousands of these Chesapeake Bay delicacies, the “Best Taste from the Sea”! That wonderful sweet seafood delicacy can be found on restaurant menus, at your local seafood market or your favorite supermarket beginning mid-April through October.


Chefs across the country are discovering the uniqueness and versatility of soft-shell crabs and are increasingly adding them to their menus. According to Datassential’s Seafood Report, second-tier seafood favorites, such as soft shell crabs, are a key seasonal offering and appear on more menus now than they did 5 years ago. Brunch is gaining traction as a popular meal occasion, opening the door for more indulgent breakfast items like Handy’s famed Soft Crab Double Down or the classic Mother’s Day favorite Soft Crab Eggs Benedict.


For retailers and restaurant offering soft shell crabs this season, Handy’s website is an excellent resource for soft shell crab recipes and training videos to help support sales. www.handyseafood.com