Handy Seafood Announces the Approaching Soft Shell Crab Season

Pal Somers

Handy Seafood Incorporated announces fresh soft shell crabs, a seafood delicacy, will soon be at your favorite restaurant or retailer. Soft shell crab season typically arrives in mid-May and continues until late September. Due to this year’s mild Maryland winter, soft shell crabs are expected to arrive before the end of April.

“I'm gearing up my pots now and hope the warm winter didn’t hurt us watermen too bad. A warm winter causes crabs to shed before we can legally set our crab pots in the water. But I will make it work with hard work, dedication, and faith,” stated waterman Pal Somers.

As a 4th generation waterman, Pal Somers started crabbing at the young age of 14 with his father. Pal, and his wife Tina, have been watermen for Handy Seafood for over 13 years now.  “We are looking forward to another great season, warm sunshine and the smell of salt in the air. May we be blessed with full pots of soft crabs," said Somers.

Handy has been processing soft shell crabs for over 100 years. Handy’s domestic soft crabs are available fresh, chilled-dressed, frozen and breaded and sold to restaurants, grocery stores, and seafood markets. For those that cannot enjoy soft crabs locally, Handy crabs are available for purchase online at www.handyseafoodstore.com.