Handy International Receives Honorary Award from Watermen’s Hall of Fame in Crisfield, Maryland

Terry Conway

Handy International is proud to receive the Watermen’s Hall of Fame Honoree Award for playing a vital role in the soft shell crab and seafood industry. The award was presented to Terrence Conway, Chairman and CEO of Handy International, during the Soft Shell Spring Festival co-sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in Crisfield, Maryland on Sunday, May 25. “We are very honored to be recognized in the community for our business and longstanding history,” said Terry Conway.

The honorary award for the Watermen’s Hall of Fame is bestowed on key industry watermen and/or seafood businesses to recognize outstanding efforts and success within the seafood industry. Handy International has been in the seafood business for over 120 years and is the oldest seafood processor in America.