Handy International Breaks Their World’s Largest Crab Cake Record

World's Largest Crab Cake

Handy first set the record for largest crab cake in 2006 and then broke that record The record has been broken! Handy International, a Maryland seafood processor, broke their world record for the largest crab cake on September 1 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. The huge 300 lb. crab cake topped their previous 2009 record by 47 lbs. Using a true Maryland-style recipe, there was a minimum of ingredients added which allowed the fresh Smith Island crab meat to be the star.

Would you believe —

  • The custom made pan measured 3’ in diameter and 7 ½” deep.
  • It required 9 hours to cook the 300 lb. crab cake.
  • It took 6 strong men to lift the pan onto a certified scale to get the official weight.
  • 584 crab cake sandwiches were served and the crab cakes averaged about 7 oz.

The secret recipe was prepared in Handy’s own Crisfield, Maryland, plant and transported by refrigerated truck to the Maryland State Fairgrounds.

“We are so pleased to beat our own record with this gigantic, delicious tasting crab cake”, commented Terry Conway, CEO and owner of Handy,” and more importantly to donate $3,127 to the Maryland 4H Foundation.”

Documentation of this huge undertaking is being reviewed by Guinness World Records® in order for Handy to receive the globallyrecognized world record, a procedure that could take up to 6 weeks to finalize.

Handy thanks all the volunteers and staff members that helped pull off this great event! A video of the entire process (from preparing the recipe in Crisfield to cooking and serving at the Maryland State Fairgrounds) will be available on Handy’s website by September 15.

Handy International is a family-owned company and is America’s oldest seafood processor. Products include soft crabs, crab meat, crab cakes, crab specialty items, oysters and artisanal fish.