Handy International Announces Fresh Soft Crab Season is Arriving Soon

Soft Shell Crabs

It’s almost that time again! Fresh Soft Crab Season is lurking just around the corner and Handy International is ready! Always a welcome treat but even more so this year after a harsh winter.

Fresh soft crabs are a seafood delicacy to be enjoyed from mid-May through September – perfect for Mother’s Day, Independence Day, and all of your summertime parties! Look for them to be featured fresh on restaurant menus, at your local seafood market or your favorite supermarket.

As the waters warm and the blue crabs come out of hibernation, they quickly grow out of their hard outer shell and molt, leaving the crab in its soft most delicious stage. “It doesn’t last long though,” said Chris Owens, Handy’s Manager of Fresh Sales. “A soft crab’s outer shell starts to harden within 2 hours of molting if not harvested and removed from the water.” Never fear, this molting process typically continues through September making fresh soft crabs available all summer!

It is amazing how quick and easy it is to prepare soft crabs, you just have to prep them with your favorite recipe and serve! They are especially good sautéed or cooked on an outdoor grill. For those who do not wish to cook, look for them at your favorite restaurant where you will find so many unique and delicious presentations—a favorite of chefs.