Handy International Announces: Domestic Fresh Soft Crab Season Has Arrived

Handy Domestic Fresh Soft Crabs from Medium to Whales

The much-anticipated domestic soft crab season is finally here! Although a later start than last year, local watermen have started harvesting the crabs. The season is expected to be in full swing in the next two weeks and the Handy plant is ready for a very good harvest.

“The delay is due to unseasonably chilly weather in late April. Water temperatures were just too cold for crabs to molt,” said Chris Owens, Handy’s Manager of Fresh Sales. However, now that the waters have warmed, the crabs are ready to shed their hard shells for their temporary soft one. Look for this seafood delicacy to be featured on restaurant menus throughout the U.S., as well as being available at seafood markets and in the full service seafood counters at supermarkets.

Soft crabs are delicious grilled, sautéed or fried and make a wonderful treat for any occasion. Handy’s Executive Chef, Nikki Trzeciak, created two new soft crab recipes, sure to be a summertime favorite.