Handy Debuts the New Crab Cake Combo: The "Handiest" Way to Make Awesome Crab Cakes

Crab Cake Combo

Handy introduces its newest seafood innovation with the launch of its Crab Cake Combo—4 grades of crab meat layered in one can. Perfect for making awesome crab cakes!

“Sometimes the best ideas originate from old traditions that have stood the test of time,” states Terry Conway, owner and President of Handy. The art of creating awesome crab cakes was perfected years ago and goes back to the Chesapeake Bay area where crab cakes have been made by hand for over 100 years with meat from the entire crab. “The key to awesome crab cakes is that combination of crab meat. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to enjoy this Chesapeake tradition.”

Handy’s crab cake combo features 4 grades of crab meat all layered by hand so each layer can be separately added to the crab cake recipe at just the right time. The combo contains—

  • 10% Jumbo Lump – the “WOW” factor for awesome crab cakes
  • 30% Lump – beautiful, meaty appearance
  • 20% Special – mixes well throughout with lots of crab meat in every bite
  • 40% Claw – sweetest taste of all

For those who want consistency with crab cakes with the best appearance and flavor, support sustainability practices and reduce packaging footprint, the Crab Cake Combo brings all these benefits together in one can. This is another way Handy brings innovation to the seafood industry and sets a higher standard for quality seafood.