55/75 Jumbo Lump Pelagicus crab meat (55/75 Jumbo Lump / 1 LB.)

55 to 75 Lumps of Sweet White Crab Meat

Our Jumbo Lump ranges from 55 to 75 lumps of sweet white crab meat per can. This crab meat (Portunus spp) is available year round.

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UPC: 073994004002
Item Number: 4002010

  • From steamed live crabs for better flavor and texture
  • Black light inspected to remove shell, making it virtually shell-free
  • Year round production = dependable supply
  • Counts on jumbo lump grades giving a consistent number of pieces.

Best used in gourmet crab cakes, salads, and crab cocktails.


crab meat (portunus spp). Contains acid pyrophosphate to prevent the formation of struvite crystals.