Wasabi seafood dip-bites (.75 OZ. / 50 CT.)

The dip is in the bite!

Crab House Wasabi Seafood Dip-Bites really pack a punch! We combine seafood, wasabi, fresh ginger, garlic and cheese to make a delicious creamy dip. Then we stuff it all inside a crispy, crunchy coating. You get the creaminess of a dip in handheld, individual, delicious crunchy bites!

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Item Number: 5801020

  • Handmade and hand-breaded for a back of the house appearance.
  • Dip is inside the bite - unique offering adding excitement to your menu.
  • Portion control means consistent plate coverage and predictable food cost.
  • Pairs well with micro-beers, wine and cocktails - exceptionally profitable by increasing beer, wine and cocktail purchases and profit margins.
  • Versatile menu placements - fits well on bar food menu, appetizer (sharing plate menus - all the current rage), or add-ons.
  • Ready to cook from frozen.

Deep Fry

Heat oil to 350oF

  • 2 minutes from thawed
  • 4 minutes from frozen

NOTE: if thawing dip-bites, thaw under refrigeration or in microwave for 45 seconds on high



breading (unbleached wheat flour, salt, yeast), fish protein (water, surimi [processed white fish meat {threadfin bream}, sugar, eggs, disodium diphosphate, pentasodium triphosphate, sodium polyphosphate {to promote the retention of moisture}], starch, sugar, soy protein, palm oil, salt, crab extract, crab flavor, calcium carbonate [stabilizer]), batter (water, wheat flour, corn starch, rice flour, raising agents [sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate], guar gum, xanthan gum), mayonnaise (soybean oil, egg and egg yolk, water, sugar, vinegar, salt, mustard powder, acetic acid, xanthan gum), water, mozzarella cheese (milk, milk solids, salt, lactic acid, rennet), cream cheese (pasteurized milk and cream, salt, cheese culture, locust bean gum), chili sauce (ground red chili peppers, water, sugar, ground garlic, salt, garlic powder, cultured dextrose [for freshness], potato extract, natural flavor, distilled vinegar, citric acid, xanthan gum), scallions, wasabi powder (canola [japanese horseradish], mustard, wheat flour), carrots, cilantro, salt, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, 95% alcohol [ethanol]), garlic pur e (garlic, soybean oil), ginger, corn starch, lemon juice. Contains: wheat, fish (threadfin bream), crustacean (from crab extract and flavor), soy, eggs, and milk.