Handy Online Store

Is there a minimum order amout?

At this time, no there isn't a minimum order amount. Please note that ordering 1 box that contains 2 cakes will still incur shipping and handling fees.

I buy your products at my local supermarket, is it better to purchase from them?

Yes, if your local supermarket carries our product you should purchase from them before ordering it online.

Why does Handy recommend buying from a local supermarket?

When you order from our online store you pay a shipping and handling fee on top of the price of the product. This means our product that is sold at a supermarket, for the most part, will cost less than purchasing it through our online store.

How long will it take me to receive my product?

If your order is processed by 3pm EST it will ship out the same day. If your order is processed after 3pm it will be shipped the next day. We do not ship product out to be delivered Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Deliveries are only made Tuesday through Friday. Please see our shipping tab for more details.

Do I need to be home for my product to be delivered?

No, however if you live in a very warm climate or it is a hot day, you want to remove your product from the shipping case and place it in your freezer as soon as possible as hot weather can cause dry ice and gel packs to evaporate.

How should I store unused frozen product?

Is highly recommended that you store unused frozen product in airtight container or plastic freezer storage bag in the freezer to minimize dry out and ice crystallization.


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