Grouper collars (2 LB.)

"Wild Caught" Artisanal Fish

Handy Grouper is “wild caught” off the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. This all natural frozen fish comes in 2 - 5 LB. bags per box.

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UPC: 073994112523
Item Number: 54161061

  • Cryogenically frozen at -40°F (-40°C) for great flavor and texture
  • Fully traceable - From boat to plate
  • DNA tested for our assurance - no substitution of species
  • Portion control for consistent plate coverage and predictable food cost

Grouper’s natural texture is perfect for all cooking applications. The fillets can be pan-seared and finished in the oven, they can be coated with a crust and baked, or they can be finished under a broiler. Grouper is also perfect if braised in a sauce or poached in a seafood stew.