Pelagicus crab meat (Premium Crab Cake Combo / 16 OZ.)

Makes the Perfect Crab Cake

Our Premium Crab Cake Combo provides the key ingredient to making perfect crab cakes by utilizing all of the crab meat from the entire crab. Each grade of crab meat brings something special to your crab cake recipe.

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Item Number: 4092525

  • Layered (not blended) crab meat improves recipe & consistency.
  • Keeps moisture in the cake.
  • Reduces crab grades needed for recipe.
  • Binds together better than other grades.
  • Saves on labor costs. 
  • Reduces amount of space needed to store (1 can vs. several can grades).
  • Layered blend: 25% jumbo lump, 25% lump, 15% special, 35% claw

Form into crab cakes, or use in pasta dishes, casseroles and imperials.


crab meat (portunus spp). Contains sodium acid pyrophosphate to prevent the formation of struvite crystals.