Sustainability of Oysters

Sustainability of Oysters

At Handy, we source our oysters with an eye toward sustainability. We work with a family of oystermen who harvest oysters in the nutrient-rich waters off the Louisiana coast. Since oysters that have not spawned can produce up to one million eggs a year, our oystermen choose only mature oysters.

Oysters are essential to the ecology of the gulf. By attaching themselves to the shells of other oysters, they create reefs that protect the areas soft marshy land from erosion and offer safe havens for other forms of marine life.

The gulf’s waters are monitored by the Louisiana Oyster Task Force, founded in 1988 to tackle problems with habitat loss. The task force supports non-intrusive projects such as barrier restoration, marsh fortification, and controlled river diversions that maintain the unique mix of fresh and salt water so necessary for local marine life to thrive.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources keep watch over approximately 2,000,000 acres of state-owned reefs and take measures to allow the oysters to regenerate.

By supporting oystermen who are dedicated to sustainability, Handy will help ensure that American oysters remain a precious natural resource for all to enjoy.