Sustainability of Crabs

Sustainability of Crabs

Handy has made significant efforts to insure the sustainability of crabs.

  • We are a founding member of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Crab council, a non-profit formed in 2009. The council works with members of the blue swimming crab industry to instill sustainable practices through education, policy, and advocacy.

As an NFI Crab Council leader, Handy ensures  that all of our suppliers and processors overseas are members of their respective in-country sustainability organizations. Current initiatives underway include:

– Implementing minimum catch sizes so that small crabs are left behind to mature.

– Establishing rules to ban the harvest of pregnant (berried) females so they can release their eggs.

– Developing holding areas for berried females, allowing them a safe haven until they release their eggs.

  • We spearhead environmental initiatives overseas. Since 2006, we have been instrumental in helping the Mangrove Conservation Center replant habitat that had been lost to shrimp farming operations. In 2010, Handy worked with over 110 volunteers to get “down and dirty” in restoring vital habitat. With continued efforts, the mangroves will return to their natural state, and crabs will be assured a safe and stable environment.
  • We focus on simple and minimal packaging.

Handy supports and contributes to the efforts of Asian fisheries as they work toward sustainability certification.